terça-feira, 23 de novembro de 2010

Get the picture, earthlings! The eARTh project.

Below are some of the pictures captured at almost 700 km outside our tortured atmosphere, of giant community art projects that hope to remind us of the fact that we are living on a fragile planet.

In New Delhi, India, 3.000 students and teachers joined aerial artist Daniel Dancer to form an enormous elephant with rising seas below to ask world leaders to not ignore the "elephant in the room":

In the USA, citizens of New Mexico showed how the Santa Fe River bed could look if there was still water running through it:

In Cairo, artist Saragh Rifaat and citizens from Egypt created the Solar Scarab - praying for an energy revolution:
In Delta del Ebro, Spain, citizens created the face of a young girl who wants the Delta to survive the threat of climate change:


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