terça-feira, 4 de novembro de 2008

All hail the new President of Hollywood

We Europeans obviously have our slumbering doubts about how democratic Americans really are. But how easy it is, each new election (or invasion for that matter), to forget the issues and get wrapped up in the Hollywood story that is spun for us on every channel and in every newspaper. Although in Europe we're spared the gorier details such as Sarah Palin lookalike contests, close-ups of creepy Joe the Plumber, Obama raps or scary Babies for Obama and though we only suffer through about 5 minutes a day of campaign news, we're still cooperative victims of disinformation. A quick poll in the Netherlands showed that most Dutch were blindly enthusiastic about Obama and had absolutely no idea he actually supports continued military action in Afghanistan and Iraq, believes in the death penalty, will renew the infamous Patriot Act that strips citizens of their right to habeas corpus, believes in 'clean coal' like Palin believes in creation and supports the bailout of private institutions with taxpayers' money.

McCain and Obama did not discuss any issues. Nor did they propose any new models. They merely performed a beautifully choreographed duet on how America would continue to run the world. They stuck to the Agenda. Because the Agenda is bigger than they are, because the Agenda works for both democrats and republicans, let's face it; it works for the whole damn world. And it's a private agenda with a corporate stamp. It's completely unimportant who wins, as long as it's either Obama or McCain (but I secretly believe the agenda supports Obama, as long as he behaves, after all a black president constitutes a brilliant front). 

There are actually 10 candidates competing, but does anybody really know this? Does anybody care? I sifted through all my bookmarks of so-called independent newspapers and websites, and guess what? Not!

Even the culture jammers are eerily silent.. Seems everybody is praying for it to be over with so they can all go back to business as usual. Fear is reigning beneath the election buttons and banners. Fear that votes will be tampered with. Fear that the financial, now economic, crisis will escalate while America switches presidents. Fear that someone will assassinate Obama. Fear that McCain spontaneously dies after one day in office and Mrs Alaska steps up to run the country. Fear of Iran, peak oil, expensive hamburgers, terrorists and socialists. Fear, fear, fear. And, as anyone who has read the Shock Doctrine knows, fear is how you enforce the Agenda.

I finally found three or four Americans who care about issues. Would've been five if George Carlin hadn't died. (If any American thinks I'm being unfairly cynical, you're welcome to flood my email with real issues. We've got about twenty hours until the polls close.)

Comment on Current TV by citizen JanforGore:
"Actually, there are ten candidates going into the 'final day.' I love how people just pick up on the MSM BS and continue to just talk about only two as if that is acceptable. I actually listened to a debate last night between three of the VP candidates which included Matt Gonzalez who is Nader's running mate, and a Mr. Castle who is running with Chuck Baldwin, and a Mr. Root who is running with Bob Barr. Now while I would not vote for either Castle or Root, it was one of the most exciting VP debates I have listened to in many years, and firmly believe that had they been included with Biden and Palin that they would have blown them away... of course, that is why they are excluded from the socalled "Democratic" process in this country.

I find it hard to imagine that people who come on these sites who claim to believe in that process aren't at least outraged on principle that other voices are deliberately being stifled and kept off state ballots simply because they might actually give the two moneyed parties some competition and make them actually have to tell us something.

So yeah, Obama and McCain are going into the 'final day' and we know one of them will 'win', and actually who it is already as the media that really picks the president has already told us Obama won. How exciting. So why vote right? Those who are truly exercising their rights under this "Democratic" system are considered nonAmerican anyway if they aren't voting for the "popular" one. So yes, one more day... One more day until I vote for someone who isn't part of the very status quo hypocrites in this country claim they want a "change" from."

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