sexta-feira, 14 de março de 2008

Dear Nokia again

From: lanka horstink Mailed-By:
Date: 14 Mar 2008 13:15
Subject: Dear Nokia again

Dear Nokia again,

I hereby submit to you, the world's leading cell phone manufacturer, a possible solution to the daunting problem of one half of a billion phones and their non-renewable and toxic components wasted each year. It's a project by Dutch designer Gert-Jan van Breugel, intitled The ‘Bamboo’ phone.
I promise to buy one as soon as you launch it, if you promise not to launch a mere model to appease your and our conscience, but make 50% of your phones fully renewable, recyclable, zero-toxic, zero-carbon and standardized by 2010.

Meanwhile I'm still hanging on to my 2005 model..

Yours truly again,

Lanka Horstink

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